Limited Edition PRN Alumni - Reftone Speakers

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Special limited edition Reftone speakers made by our very own PRN Alumni Dave Hampton (Technical Director for Paisley Park 2003-2010) these are made for all you audio buffs! The Reftone 2LD are passive near-field reference monitors that allow you to hear full range clearly at low volumes, for accuracy and placement. These reference speakers help you be a better judge and know exactly what you're listening to.

Powered                                      Passive
Driver Size                                    4” Full Range Driver
Driver Type                                    Paper Cone
Watts Per Channel                        15-300W
Impedance                                    8 ohms
Frequency Range                        70Hz – 20kHz
Maximum Peak SPL                    93 dB SPL @ 1m
Dimensions                                   5.5” x 5.5” x 6.5”
Weight                                          5.1 lbs
Bryston 2B LP
60W @ 8 ohms
Dual channel stereo amplifier
Crown XLS 1000
215w @ 8 ohms
Professional quality power amplifier
300W @ 8 ohms
Light weight professional power amplifier
Topping TP-30 Class T Digital Amplifier
Burr Brown equipped DAC / amplifier combo
15W @ 8 ohms
Good where you need a little bit of high quality amplification