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Former Prince and Paisley Park associates share their experiences working for, traveling the world with and being inspired by one of the most prolific artist of all time; Prince. 

Saturday, OCT 13 at the historic Capri Theater 

Doors 11:30am  - ALL DAY ACCESS

This year's Alumni Shares Panels will feature new faces spanning all eras of Prince's career and be presented in 3 parts:
Her-Story- an all female panel discussion on Prince's role of empowerment.
Image & Style- What goes into designing and creating the looks that became as synonymous with Prince as his music?
The artistic teams in makeup and clothing design and fabrication recount the precision required in helping style an icon.
Audio Engineering- How does one keep stride with a boss who works 36 hours straight in-studio... 
...views each venue as a new opportunity to customize sonics to deliver the audience the closest thing to audio perfection?
The answers to these (and many more) questions revealed and personal stories you won't hear elsewhere. 
You won't want to miss this...